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Re: A boss gift is a representation of the heart and sincerity

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Gifts on this occasion to thank the boss for his favor and support during the working process. Or it can be a gift for your boss to pay more attention to you. The culture of gift giving has gradually formed a part of our normal lives.

Top 10 impressive farewell gifts for female bosses

1. Gold-plated lotus flower painting

The lotus is officially recognized as the national flower of Vietnam, symbolizing pure beauty. The lotus flower always radiates fragrance, blooming in the harshest conditions “near the mud but without the smell of mud”. The gift also has the meaning of expressing the precious and respectable virtues of Vietnamese women.

24k gold plated lotus painting

Gold-plated premium fountain pen

Before deciding to choose this gift, the first thing you have to do is find out your boss’s preferences and needs. In a subtle way, ask her if she is a collector and loves pens! If you find your boss often has unique and special pens, then yes, this is definitely a very suitable gift. You can also engrave your boss’s name or meaningful wishes on the pen. It’s a special and meaningful gift for your boss, isn’t it?Corporate anniversary gifts

Feng shui golden statue gifts

According to the concept of many Vietnamese people, feng shui items are always respected. Therefore, you can immediately choose this female boss gift that will be very meaningful. Some items of feng shui gold statues such as age-appropriate mascots, Buddha statues, etc. However, before deciding to buy an item, you need to learn thoroughly your knowledge of feng shui as well as the importance of the gift. . If you encounter any difficulties, you should seek advice from a known or knowledgeable professional about feng shui. Avoid buying a gift that offends your boss!

Gold-plated wall paintings

For bosses who are artistic and passionate about painting, don’t ignore gilded paintings as gifts for your boss. It’s also important that you give a picture of your boss’s liking. So, if you are going to give a gift, the first thing you need to do is learn how to choose the most suitable picture.

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