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Re: A boss gift is a representation of the heart and sincerity

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gifts both express the love and gratitude of the giver for the person being given the are looking for gifts to give to your boss to show your gratitude to your boss for your help and encouragement in your work and life in the past time.

Gold plated pen

Pen is an object that is “always beside” with your boss, from your desk to important meetings. An exquisitely carved gilded signature pen represents one’s professional temperament and style. Here is a gift proposal for a female boss who is transferring for a job that is worth your attention. Remember when buying a pen, you must carefully evaluate the origin, origin and quality of ink. Design also needs to be luxurious. You should choose dark tones such as: black, charcoal green, brown … to create sympathy for the viewer. 

High-end cosmetics

No woman does not like cosmetics, regardless of age or industry, everyone has a need for beauty. So, why not look for a reputable cosmetic brand to buy a gift for your boss? You might consider buying skin care products or makeup products. However, you need to learn about the use of the product before buying a gift for a female boss. 

Painting of a gilded sailboat

painting of a gilded sailing ship Phuc Tuong's gold gift

Give flowers to the female boss

Fresh flowers bring fragile beauty with a seductive scent plus intense, fresh vitality to the room. An artistic and unique bouquet of flowers will be a very meaningful farewell gift for your boss. 

Besides fresh flowers, you can buy gilded flowers for your boss such as lotus flower pots, orchids or sunflowers, for example. This gift can be displayed in the new office or at the boss’s house, adding a luxurious beauty to the home space.

High quality gold plated silver rose

Golden Rose

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