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Re: A boss gift is a representation of the heart and sincerity

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When buying Tet gifts for your boss, surely everyone is wondering which gift to choose. And, it is important that you try to capture the psychology and preferences of the person being given the gift. Knowing how they like to help you choose a gift for your boss that suits them, they will surely be much more satisfied.

Why should you give gifts to your retired boss?

Gift giving is a beauty in traditional culture. Like some countries like Japan and Korea, Vietnamese people have similarities in culture and attitude towards gift giving. Giving gifts to a retired boss is also one of the cultural beauties, showing skillful manners and ethics, and respecting those who have helped them in their work. Boss retirement, job transfer is a new stage, you may no longer see your boss as often as before, no longer directly work as before. So when your boss retires or changes jobs, a meaningful gift will help you express your gratitude to your boss.

The most meaningful retirement boss gifts today

1. Gold-plated painting of the golden age of the crane – a meaningful retirement gift for your boss

Gold-plated paintings of pine cranes represent health, longevity and a happy family. When the boss retires, the gift of the annual crane is very meaningful. Because in retirement, it is important for everyone to stay healthy and lead a healthy life. live happily and happily 

paintings of pine cranes

2. Donate books

Books are a very practical and meaningful retirement gift for your boss. This is the time when your boss has more time for himself and giving books is like giving valuable knowledge to him. You can give your boss health-related books, novels, etc. 

3. Gold-plated Phuc word painting – Gift for Senior Retired Boss

If you are looking for a gift for your boss when he retires, then the blessing picture is very suitable. The word happiness means that life is always full, happy and joyful. Children and grandchildren in the family are always in harmony, good health. 

Beautiful gilded text painting

The word Phuc means luck, happiness, fortune, health and longevity

4. Gold-plated quartet paintings – meaningful retirement boss gifts

Four-quarter paintings are traditional feng shui paintings that are loved by many people. The set of quartet paintings has styles such as: Painting Mai – Lan Cuc – Truc or Tung – Cuc – Truc Mai. Quartet paintings mean a life of luck, peace, happiness and abundant health. The name says it all, the meaning of the picture is the four most precious things that everyone desires.

Quartet paintings

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